Online advertising is a BIG business. Marketers around the world now spend a total of more than $740 million dollars PER DAY to advertise products and services online. That’s more than $227 billion of online advertising spending per year.

Marketers don’t spend this kind of money advertising online for no reason. Instead, they spend BIG because it delivers BIG results that can’t be achieved through any other media channel. In fact, by 2020 online advertising spending will be worth more than all other types of advertising combined – this includes TV, newspaper and radio.
There are already tens-of-thousands of independent online marketers that are participating successfully in the online advertising revolution. Their job is simple: Running advertising campaigns that drive new customers to online businesses that are looking for new customers.

Every time a business receives a new customer from an independent marketer, that business pays the marketer a generous commission – and those commissions can add up to very large sums, very quickly.

1300 Publishers sites
2.3B+ monthly clicks

About Click2Sell

Click2Sell is an advertising technology company located in the growing technology hub of London, UK. We provide a powerful self-service marketing platform that enables individuals, brands, agencies and affiliate networks to run, track and manage their performance marketing campaigns with ease. Click2Sell’s proprietary technology was built from the ground up to make online marketing more accessible and more effective for a broad range of marketers, regardless of experience level.

Our Vision

Click2Sell believes marketers should be empowered by technology, not overwhelmed by it. To this end we focus on developing the tools that enable marketers to openly communicate and collaborate, while being supported by a robust technological back-end. With our systems, we hope to bring about a world where more people can become successful online marketers and contribute to the success of the Click2Sell platform.

Start Running Campaigns Today

Part of what makes Click2Sell’s platform so powerful is that it can be used by anyone. No experience necessary. No technical knowledge required. All that’s needed to work with Click2Sell is an internet connection, a computer or mobile device, and a sense of excitement about the opportunities available to online marketers. There’s never been a better time to get started as an independent online marketer. It’s only going to get much, much bigger from here...


Design your campaign from scratch.


Choose how you will reach your audience.


Run then monitor performance.


24/5 chat and phone support.

A great selection of advertising categories

The diversity of our campaigns is one of our greatest strengths. Choose from a huge and diverse range of popular categories in many verticals, with a payment model of CPA and CPC. Easy to get started with no sign-up fees, Simple to use interface with reliable tracking technology and Dedicated support team and account managers.

SILVER PACKAGE $250 up to $1,499

No experience necessary.
No technical knowledge necessary.
Up to 250,000 web impressions worldwide.
Self service platform.
Indirect publishers sites.
24/5 email support.

GOLD PACKAGE $1,500 up to $4,499

No experience necessary.
No technical knowledge necessary.
Up to 1,250,000 web impressions worldwide.
Self service platform.
Premium publishers sites.
24/5 live support.
Personal account manager.

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